Tanning Stickers

If you are new to tanning, tanning bed stickers could seem like a silly idea, a waste of time even or something childish. The reality is that a tanning sticker, even one with a cool design on it, can be an amazing way to track the progress you make during your times in the tanning bed.

Plain and simple, tanning body stickers are placed in a part of your body in which you don’t really mind not getting a tan and are applied before you start the tanning session. The tanning sticker will block the ultraviolet rays that darken the skin causing pigmentation; this will allow you to see just how much you are tanning per session. This is great because if you continually place a new tan sticker in the same spot during every tanning session, you will be able to watch your long-term progress. This is really useful and there are a lot of really nice designs such as hearts, stars, peace signs and lots of other great ones.

The tanning stickers work the same way, whether you use them with sunless tanning products or in spray on tanning booths. The use is really simple; you cover a small area of skin and later on you see how much of a tan you’ve achieved thus far.

Maybe you are worried about creating a white spot that doesn’t look as good and that maybe that will ruin your gorgeous tan. You should treat it like a tattoo of sorts, pick up a really nice design like the ones I mentioned previously and put it somewhere special, a nice spot would be right above your bikini line, or even on your breasts or shoulders. It will look really nice, your will stand out and you’ll be able to track your tanning’s progress.

It doesn’t have to stop there though, if you’re looking for an even more elaborate “tattoo design” string several butterfly stickers across your belly in a free flight pattern or even put a path of footprints across your thighs.

The majority of the tanning salons out there will offer you its patrons tanning bed stickers without extra charge, or you can get rolls of stickers for a few extra bucks, you will get them from as little as $10 from online suppliers, eBay, or wherever you get your tanning bed products.

You should always remember that safe tanning is a gradual process, and that it will be beneficial for it to have a way of tracking your progress, what’s best that have it in the form of stickers that look great? This will look especially good if you prefer to tan naked.

By using these cheap and fun tanning bed stickers, you will notice how well your tanning sessions are getting and maybe you will even create a little personal art while you’re at it. These will make for great tattoos if you apply them as I recommend, believe me. Remember that stickers are not just for little children, these will look amazing in your skin and they make tanning sessions more effective. Enjoy your tanning!